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Soulshine Ministry's faith based mission is to provide Gospel education, awareness, and community services that enhance the quality of life of those in need by providing for personal needs, food, and housing for those in need and those recovering from homlessness and addiction. Below is a list of current and upcoming programs that are designed to accomplish those goals.


Momma's Hope

1720 Military Avenue,

Vicksburg, MS 39180

A thrift store and food bank where everything is always free for those in need for the community of Marcus Bottom.  Clothes, shoes, toys, household items, community information and supplies such as covid tests.

Visit our Site HERE


Walk on Water Books

Small Christian Publishing house for new authors faith-led, pocket-sized testimonies and texts.  



The Fortress

The Fortress' mission is to provide a stress-free sanctuary that will educate, enlighten, and empower spiritual leaders by expanding their resources, the reach of their ministries, and aiding their ministry goals while enjoying a quiet retreat from their day-to-day ministry madness.


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